Circus Rico

Circus Workshop Parties

The format is approximately as follows: -

There will be a ‘stand-up show’, to demonstrate the use of the equipment (with some children participating in this) To ‘get warmed-up’ we do Body Balancing. Which is great fun for the entire group. (Can they stand on one leg with their eyes closed? etc.).

We start off by getting the Children to check their footwear and clothing (tucking in & removing if necessary) to ensure that they are safe. (Sensible shoes and no loose clothing should be recommended).

The whole group are then taught as one – First with the Balancing of ‘Peacock Feathers’, followed by juggling ‘Bug Beanbags’, then ‘Scarves’ and ‘Spinning Plates’.

These Skills are interspersed with ‘Games’ involving the use of the equipment…

They are then split into groups and directed to the ‘Stations’ of Equipment and after a set amount of time, they are swapped to the next ‘Station’ and so on.

Finally the Children are given ‘Free Time’ to pick out ‘The Equipment’ they were most ‘successful with’ - in order to participate in a ‘Circus Parade’, where they have the opportunity to demonstrate some of their skills (optional).

Here is a list of the equipment: -

Unicycles, Peddle Goes, (wacky racers), Scarves, Fun wheels, Hula-hoops, Hand held stilts, Poi, Cup stilts, Spinning plates,, Skipping ropes, Jump jumpers, Feathers, Diablo’s, Juggling balls, Juggling clubs, Devil sticks, Rings

Some Equipment may be omitted due to safety. 

For Seven Years Plus

Cost: - 2 Hours from £250 (including Break) + Travel